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UPVC Door Handles

Are your UPVC door handles twisted or warped or have they seen better days? So why not check out the range of UPVC door handles we have in stock. They come in a range of sizes and design styles white, black, chrome and gold are just a few of the colours we stock.
We also stock a range of door furniture and hardware to complete the look and functionality of any upvc or composite door.
Visit our stores department and see we can match just about any door handle ever made for upvc and composite doors including lever lever and split pin and the ever popular sprung door handles. Call us now on Scunthorpe 01724-281884 or visit our well stocked store on Bessemer way Scunthorpe DN15 8XE

upvc Window Handles

Upvc Window handles

Upvc Window handles come in a variety of different type, like espag, tilt and turn and cockspur, you may also have a variation like, in-line or cranked handles. All our handles come in 4 colour ranges gold, white, chrome and black

Window and door security is vital. If your lock or espagnolette bolts is broken or is jammed closed we can fix this at a very low cost, we keep all sizes and back sets in stock so you can have a repair done the same day. For the DIY amonst you bring in youe old Upvc window handles and we will match it to the best we have in stock

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When buying a new upvc door make sure it is certified to British Standard PAS 24-1 If refurbishing a door
If your door is Upvc or Composite then it should be fitted with a Multipoint lock meeting BS 3621. Upvc and Composite doors should meet TS007 and for additional protection use a secure by design door handle. The Evolution high security door handle has been tested at the UKAS accredited Mila Test Centre to exceed the enhanced security requirements of PAS 024. All our door locks are ultion 3 star locks and meet TS007

upvc window Handles

Casement Handles

white upvc door handles

White Door Handles

Security Handles

Security Door Handles

Gold door Handles

Gold Door Handles

Hoppe Handles

Hoppe Upvc Door Handles

Secure By design Handle

Secure By Design Door Handle

Upvc Window Handle

Upvc Window Handle

Tilt And Turn window Handle

Tilt And Turn Handle